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Open Call: Mail art – GREECE GOT MAIL: a letter to the refugee camps/ Deadline Sept./18/2020

Deadline:18 september 2020
Call for entries

Open Call
GREECE GOT MAIL: a letter to the refugee camps

Have you ever participate to a mail-art call?
Mail Art is a global artistic movement centered on sending small-scale art works through the postal service.

Media commonly used in Mail Art includes postcards, paper, rubber stamps, artist-created stamps (called artistamps), and paint, but can also include music, sound art, poetry, or anything that can be put in an envelope and sent via post, such as a collage of recycled images and objects. Mail art is considered art once it is sent.

“Anyone can participate in Mail Art.”

GREECE GOT MAIL: a letter to the refugee camp
The idea is simple, what would you send if you could get in touch with someone currently stuck in one of the settlements?


 no fee

send your mail to

Tessy Morelli
rua maria pia 66 r/c
1350-211 LISBON – Portugal